PYUNGIL was founded in 1970, and started its business as a trading company by importing and reselling power cable connectors. PYUNGIL has contributed significantly to the underground distribution projects of Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO), developing the cable connectors and epoxy bushings for pad-mounted transformers and switches.

Furthermore, PYUNGIL has been recognized as a world renowned company by localizing the polymer insulator for distribution line in 1996 and electrical penetration for nuclear power plant in 2002. And PYUNGIL firstly developed the polymer insulator for transmission line in 2010 and has supplied KEPCO.

In 2020, It is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Pyungil,

· Develop the new technology business and core technology study
· Facility investment to the Quality Management for the customer.
· Strengthen organizational capacity
· Computational System Management

We are going to do our best to achieve our vision for the next half century.

PYUNGIL will take responsibility as an industry leader of the Heavy electric manufacturing company, We will become a company that plays a pivotal role in the national focusing on domestic and overseas electric power business.
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CEO of Pyungil Co., Ltd. Kim, Seung Min